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Salt Lake City Utah

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Salt Lake City, UT
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More About Bob Kittell

Join Bob Kittell, world-renowned motivational/transformational speaker and humorist. He specializes in inspired learning and living (he’s also single). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll leave feeling new hope and energy.

Bob has spoken to packed arenas at motivational events with Colin Powell, George & Laura Bush, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, and others.

Bob is currently the BYU athletics memory expert, training all incoming freshman an inspired approach to learning and living.

His core message is not to be happy when, but be happy now, so you can make it to when!


Connected Leadership

Want to be important to your people? Show them how important they are to you. Remember their names – and five other things that are important to them.  Understanding the human side of people makes you a remarkable leader, creates a great enterprise, immediately impacts your bottom line.

Multimillion Dollar Salesmanship

What does it take to join the multi-million dollar roundtable? A multimillion dollar mindset – and successful sales strategy.  Mindset and strategy.  Persistence and consistence.  That’s it. 

Phenomenal Memory

What happens when you… um… I forgot. 

“Hi… Rob… What? Oh, sorry, is it ‘Bob’?  I’d like to introduce my… um… uh…” How does that feel?  Your heart rate is up. Your blood pressure is up. What are you saying to yourself? I’m getting old. I’m dumb. I’m stupid. No, you are normal. This happens to everyone. It doesn’t have to. You already have a phenomenal memory; all you need is to train it. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s very, very, profitable.

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Celebrity Seminars

On stage with Presidents, First Ladies, Sport Icons, and more....

Posted by Bob Kittell on 05/03/2016

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Big Stage

Big stages for 20 years....

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Keynote Get Motivated Seminars

An amazing up-close-and-personal interactive presentation, "Be the Student, Find Your Teacher, Make it Happen."  (keynote capnote or breakout) is a humorous, entertaining and...

Posted by Bob Kittell on 05/03/2016

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