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 Model Hiring Tips - Trade Show Models Directory highly suggests discussing the following with the models:

  1.    Trade Show / Convention / Event Name:  
  2.    Trade Show / Convention / Event Date:
  3.    Trade Show / Convention / Event Location:
  4.    Trade Show / Convention / Event Times:
  5.    Lunch and Break Times: 
  6.   Client Contact Info: 
      Give the models your website so they have a better knowledge of the product or services you are providing.  The more they know, the better job they will do representing you!
  7.   Budget per day per person:
      Be sure to advise them what you are willing to pay per day or per event.
  8.   Payment:
      Inquire if they need the money in advance or can you pay on site.
  9.   First-day meeting place: 
      Be specific.
  10.  First day meeting time: 
     Suggest to meet models an hour before trade show starts, so you will have time to educate him or her on the tasks required.
  11.  Model attire: 
     Business Suit, Dress, Specialty Item, specify as much as you can.
  12.  Tasks/Duties:  
     Give as many details as you would like.
  13.  Onsite contact person:
     Since it can be different from the person they have communicated with, make sure to educate who is their onsite contact person. 
  14.  Who is in charge:
     Since there can be many people from the same company, please educate who the model should turn to when she has questions or needs to go to lunch…Trust us...choose one contact!
  15.  Show Badge Name:
     Verify their name. Often they will use their stage name, which is different from their real name. If they pick up the badge themselves you will have to register their real name. If you the client picks it up then you can use either name.


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